Tech Knowledge House, Inc.

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Company Name : Tech Knowledge House, Inc.
Established : January 6, 2022
Capital : 5 million Yen
CEO : Kenichi Shibayanagi
Office : Tokyo
Services : Custom research on cutting edge technology trend in public cloud and AI and its applications for DX to industry such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing


Tech Knowledge House, Inc.

Kenichi Shibayanagi

CEO, Tech Knowledge House, Inc.
Ken established his own consulting company, Tech Knowledge House, Inc in April 2022 and started custom research and consultation on advanced ICT technology.
Until March in 2022 for five years, Ken was responsible for advanced technology research at NEC Solution Innovators .
Ken joined NEC Corporation in 1979, started his career as a system engineer and experienced various management positions in platform/solution global business and global alliance with big US/Europe technology companies.
Ken holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematical engineering from Tokyo University.